iOS MyFlight3D

Before we begin to discuss the app, its disclaimer time.

Everyone has their own ideas of the fundamentals of aviation, but they generally boil down to:
    Preflight Planning
    Systems Knowledge
    Flying Fundamentals

Using apps and watching replays is not included in these foundational principles. MyFlight3D is not intended for direct use during flight.
Once airborne, always remember:
    Aviate | Navigate | Communicate

Now Lets Talk Awesome!

The MyFlight3D mobile app gathers data while you're in flight. Once complete, it will compress and securely load the data to your free online account for viewing, debriefing and storage forever! Many Apple devices have built-in GPS antennas, and thanks to this great technology, you can very simply and quickly start a recording, enjoy your flight, then stop the recording after engine shutdown. Review the list below for Apple devices that are immediately capable of using MyFlight3D.

Your learning experience will absolutely be doubled with ability to completely replay your flights. All of the ground training, chair flying, and instructor discussions will instill a maturity and professional growth previously unavailable to pilots. Not only can you replay past flights, you can use flights of other students and instructors to prepare for future lessons. We've all worked hard and saved for those precious flight hours. Maximize your learning now, make each flight hour worth every penny with MyFlight3D!

Read more informative tips and instructions on our HowTo page, and if you have further questions, check out the FAQ page which includes the most common questions other users have asked in the past.

Capable Recording Devices

The following list includes the Apple devices with built-in GPS capable of utilizing MyFlight3D:

All 3's through 8's, and the X

Any iPad that has cellular capability also has a built-in GPS antenna.

*Note: Currently, no iPod devices contain a built-in GPS antenna.

External GPS Antennas

If your device is not listed above, the MyFlight3D app will still work on your device, but it will require the use of an external GPS antenna. We have had great success with the SkyPro XGPS brand of products such as this receiver: SkyPro XGPS160 GPS Receiver.

This is a simple GPS receiver that sends the location to your mobile device via a Bluetooth connection. Even if your device is GPS capable, we still recommend one of these wireless receivers due to the ability to place the receiver by a window and keep your phone protected in a safe place.