Get Google Earth...

...Plugin for Web Browsers

This process is very simple. If you do not have the Google Earth Plugin installed, you will see the image on the left in your browser.

Simply click the blue button labeled "Download the Google Earth Plugin" to begin the installation process. Once complete, visit our Demos page and watch the virtual replays in action!

Note: It may take a few moments for the plugin to initialize. Internet Explorer is notoriously fussy with this plugin. We recommend either Chrome or Firefox as a safe, efficient, and free alternative web browser.

...For PC/Mac

Google just recently release their Professional Google Earth desktop application for free! The download and install are very simple, simply search for "Google Earth Pro" and follow the steps shown in the pictures on the left.

Google Earth Pro does require a basic Gmail account. If you have not created one, simply visit the Gmail Sign Up page to make a simple and free account.

Use the license key "GEPFREE" (ie: Google Earth Pro - Free) and the application will load with all of the amazing tools provided by the Professional version!

Note: It is not necessary to purchase the "Enhanced Edition". Simply enter your username, GEPFREE license key, and click "Log In".

...Mobile App

The Google Earth mobile app is retrieved just like any other app, and its completely free! Use the App Store, search for "Google Earth" and download the app depicted in the images on the left.

Note: How to view a replay on your mobile device is described in the Create, Preview, & Save Replay page.