VFR Pattern Training

Fledgling aviators that properly prepare during their ground training will greatly amplify their learning while airborne. MyFlight3D creates a virtual replay of your flights in true-to-life speed, due to the fact that the MyFlight3D app records the aircraft's position every second. Google Earth replays the flights in real-time, which provides the perfect pacing for all of your chair-flying needs. Google Earth also allows you to pause, fast-forward and rewind during the replay as you see fit. Check out the list below of items you can practice at home, for free, thanks to MyFlight3D!

A tip for students: You may immediately think, "This is slower than the airplane, I finished my checklists in 5 seconds!" We promise you the speed of your own replay will be accurate. When chair-flying, you're not in the heat-of-the-moment with other traffic in the area, moderate turbulence, and your stick & rudder to wrangle. We suggest two ways to challenge yourself with MyFlight3D:

1. Increase the speed of the replay by about one fast-forward click (two clicks is too fast for training). That'll put some stress on you!

2. While replaying on normal speed, read your checklists and physically move your hands toward the position of the switch/control that is to be actuated. For example: don't just verbalize, "GUMPS check done". Try and honor the checklist by verbalizing each stage of the GUMPS, as well as move your hands toward each step. You will learn two things from this method:
a. You don't remember as well as you thought the exact position of that switch
b. You'll reinforce the muscle memory, which frees up brain-bytes in the airplane